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Upsetting Immigration Headlines Grip The Nation As National Policies Continue To Change

It is frightening to seek a better life in the U.S. when the changing immigration laws make the process confusing — and terrifying — to many families. Misinformation about the new processes of U.S. citizenship and immigration policies can make it hard to sleep at night.

However difficult your immigration matter may seem at the moment, Stratton Immigration, PLLC, can help you take steps toward your goals. If you let fear stop you, you will get nowhere fast, or worse, deported. Attorney James “Jay” Stratton founded this law firm to provide straightforward, effective legal representation for Washington residents battling immigration problems.

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U.S. immigration policy is full of language that is not easy to understand. Instructions and terms such as “adjustments,” “exceptions,” “denials” can make the process frustrating – not to mention the mountains of paperwork and online forms you must fill out. Stratton Immigration, PLLC works to streamline your case and, above all, keep you informed of your options and best steps for you to take to remain lawfully in the United States. 

Our firm works with residents of Washington and Oregon to resolve their immigration-related matters. If your case is being heard elsewhere in the country, we can have it moved to the Pacific Northwest region if you have relocated here. 

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With U.S. citizenship comes some of the greatest freedom to express yourself, and enjoy a full life. You will truly be able to seek “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” like nowhere else on the planet.

If you meet all of the requirements after becoming a permanent resident, you may apply for U.S. citizenship or “naturalization.” But even with all of your paperwork in order, you may still be vulnerable to deportation without a strong immigration advocate in your corner. When the threat of deportation looms on your horizon, call Stratton Immigration, PLLC, for seasoned legal representation at 206-508-0539 or email us to arrange  your consultation.

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Your success is our success. We will always fight for your family’s right to remain lawfully in the United States. 

Do You Have A Loved One From Central Or South America Who Has Been Detained?

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“I can’t thank you enough for handling my case in such a professional manner. Your experience, honest personality and keen interest in your client’s success make you an excellent immigration attorney. This gave me the assurance that everything was right on track at any point during this process. Thank you for providing quality service at a fair price as well. I am very lucky to have been referred to you.”


August 19, 2016