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Frequently Asked Questions About Immigration In The Northwest

Washington and the Northwest rely on immigrants. According to the American Immigration Council, almost 1 million of our neighbors are either immigrants or their parents were born in another country. Our immigration attorneys at Stratton Immigration, PLLC, are asked a lot of immigration-related questions, including:

I Married A U.S. Citizen And I Would Like To Join Them In The U.S. What Should I Do?

Marriage does not automatically qualify you for citizenship. You first must obtain a green card. However, your status will be changed to “immediate relative,” and there are no limits on the number of green cards issued.

Green card requirements: Your spouse must submit a visa petition. You will have to prove you have a valid relationship. If you live overseas, you will have to wait for approval before moving here. If you are undocumented and living here, there could be additional problems.

I Am The Victim Of A Crime. Based On My Immigration Status, What Can I Do?

Immigrants fear they will be deported if they report a crime. You are protected if you suffered some crimes.

U.S. laws that protect you include:

  • Violence Against Women Act. This law protects you if you suffered domestic or dating violence, stalking or a sexual assault.
  • U immigrant status (U visas). This protects you if you are the victim of a qualifying criminal activity.
  • T nonimmigrant status. Human trafficking victims might qualify for residency. You must physically be in the U.S. due to trafficking; comply with investigations and prosecution; and prove you would suffer if deported.

My Home Country Is Unstable, And I Am Afraid I Will Be Harmed If I Return There. How Do I Apply For Asylum?

To successfully petition for asylum, you must prove:

  • You or your family members will be beaten, kidnapped or killed.
  • The government of your home country will not protect you.
  • Threats are based on your race, religion, nationality, politics or social group.
  • Your asylum application was submitted within a year of entering the United States.

I Am An Immigrant. I Am Under 21 And My Parents Are Abusing Me. What Can I Do?

Juveniles who have been abused, abandoned or neglected could be eligible for Special Immigrant Juvenile status. You might be eligible for permanent residency.

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